#30daysofcaninescience *Day 17*

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKoEYWfwqiQ Day 17 is about tracking progress from a plan with specific criteria. This is an efficient way to go forward in training. To takes steps necessary for progress and not get stuck. However, this way of tracking progress is a bit difficult for me since it’s very static. I’m not a behaviourist and think …

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#30daysofcaninescience *Day 12*

Day 12 is about Operant Conditioning. This is something that get many people confused (including me, I realised).  Operant conditioning is about consequences to behaviours. For example, the dog sits leads to it getting treats (sit = behaviour, adding treats = consequence). This can either make the sit happen more often, or make it happen …

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#30daysofcaninescience *Day 10*

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lINY0BqrXA Day 10 is about the principles of shaping.  What I found out is that shaping is something that has to be practiced often to not ”fall out of shape”. I noticed that I’m really rusty when it comes to shaping! Mostly found negative sides to my training as usual, but some stuff got better …

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#30daysofcaninescience *Day 8*

https://youtu.be/zFKPXPPwBxM Comments will be updated shortly. This really shows my biggest problem in training: consistency.  So check in later to learn more about that.  Översättning Pros This icon will be used to indicate Pros Cons This symbol will be used to indicate Cons Low Arousal Lure Soon Soon

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