#30daysofcaninescience *Day 7*

I’m a bit behind on the blog posts, but I’m keeping up with the challenge of training every day. 

The videos are waiting to be edited, but will show up little by little. 

Today’s challenge was the duration marker or ”keep-going signal”. First I had to teach Rusa to bow and then to keep it for a few seconds using ”Braa..” as a duration marker. It worked out pretty well in the one session we had and will continue the project after the 30 days.

In the film I also put my duration work on Karma’s indication (for scent detection). I’m trying different physical duration signals to start with since she let go of focus and got frustrated with the verbal one. 

Also totally removed the secondary reinforcement signal (click och ”yes”) since it was only disturbing her. Instead I tried to work with the reward placement and duration. 

  • Pros

    This icon will be used to indicate Pros

  • Cons

    This symbol will be used to indicate Cons

Shaping session

  • Removing difficulty

    I took it a step back and stopped with the marker word/click since she found it difficult. Instead I didn't use any cue and it worked better.

  • Physical duration marker

    I have been working with physical duration markers before. Like pulling lightly on leash, touching or moving. I feel these bridges are easy to use for me.

  • Help

    I managed to find something to help Rusa not to lie down all the time when learning to bow. She's trained all the time to do the fold down, so I thought it would be difficult. However, with a finger just in front of the thigh and the treat lure higher up towards the chest (not between the legs) it worked.

  • Words

    I'm super bad with cues and don't manage to keep the same one. This probably creates problems when I am trying to use them in the right way. Something to work on!

  • Criteria

    I'm not sure about this one. But maybe I have too loose criteria on the indication. Can it cause frustration? I don't want Karma to get stuck on a certain distance from the piece of kong, since it might be high up or within something she can't get close to. But I should maybe tighten the criteria a bit when it comes to what she's doing with her body.


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