#30daysofcaninescience *Day 6*

Today I thought the exercise was a bit difficult. But in the end I interpreted it in my own way. It’s about what’s happening between the marker and the actual reward, which is also important to the learning process. This is especially interesting when wanting to get duration in a position. 

Here I’m trying to see what she does when I stand in different positions, and then I came to the conclusion that I’m gonna change my reward position. 

  • Pros

    This icon will be used to indicate Pros

  • Cons

    This symbol will be used to indicate Cons

Rewarding positions - Bridges in indication training

  • Behind or besides the dog

    When I'm not as visible it's easier for Karma to stay focused on the reward.

  • Reward in front of dog (dropped)

    I would like my reward to be as close to the kong as possible.

  • Me infront of dog

    My dogs love looking at me since they are trained to do that. If I want them to focus on something else it makes it easier for my to remove myself from the picture.


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