#30daysofcaninescience *Day 4*

Criteria and planning was what we had to work on today. 

We were supposed to teach the dog to target different colours in circles (bulls eye target). I read a bit of ideas and went for the one where you had to cut out one colour and then put it back together to form the original image. 

The first colour was black, and it was easy. I had clear criteria: touch black, part or whole nose is ok. In 2 sessions I managed to get both dogs to target black both alone and in the bulls eye. But then came the difficult part, add colours. 

I had not at all thought the process over and it made both me and Karma frustrated (Rusa didn’t wanna do any more for some reason, so I let her be). I was thinking quickly while training that I was gonna start rewarding just touching the blue. But hasty decisions are never good. Since she had been rewarded a lot for touching the black, she now didn’t understand what I wanted. Several times I’m also missing to mark when she’s touching the blue. 

Something I found fascinating when watching the video is that Rusa thought of it as a chain of behaviours: touching the handle of the door and then moving on to the black. If you watch you can see that most of the time she’s doing exactly that. I don’t know why this is, but I’ve had this problem in other training where she’s giving me a chain of behaviours which was not planned. I wonder if it’s because I’m unclear or if she’s just overthinking it? Rusa is really a reflecting dog and always think a lot (even when moving fast), so she’s easy to teach pretty precise things, but it’s also very easy to get the wrong behaviour as she likes to 


  • Timing

    Pretty good timing with teaching Karma to touch the black.

  • Understanding

    Both dogs understood pretty fast when I had planned the training and criteria.

  • Timing

    Bad timing on Rusa and missing a lot of markings with Karmas new criteria (blue).

  • Planning

    Did definitely not plan this good enough. Only had a plan for the black, so I should have taken a break and think of a new plan instead of rushing into the darkness.


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