#30daysofcaninescience *Day 19*

Day 19 is one of my favourites. That’s cause it’s something I use all the time in my training and now I got some nice words for it.

The 3Ds stands for

It’s a way to proof your trained behaviours and get them very good and steady. 

In the course we are supposed to do a ”down” with distractions. I have been training this a lot with my dogs since they were puppies, so they are very stable. The only time they went up is when I had the ball thrower, and that was pretty long ago, so now even that doesn’t work.

I still wanted to show that it’s possible to train this even with less experienced dogs (but then, they had done it before, so they were really good too).

All that has to be done is restarting if they get up. In the beginning we should add duration to it with short distance and no distractions. When they can do that, we start to move on to increasing the distance from the dog, and last by not least, we start the game of fooling them into leaving their position. 

In the long run, this makes them think that everything that’s happening around them is an attempt to fool them into getting up. 

When this is done it’s actually easier for them to stay with distractions that without. So it’s important to go back to duration and distance when nothing is happening. 

Most important, I think, is to have a release command so they can expect to run to a reward at any time. 

My biggest ace in my sleeve is to make the dogs expect a jackpot at any time. The element of surprise makes things stick a lot more in their minds. 

Fun stuff! 


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