#30daysofcaninescience *Day 18*

At day 18 we learn how to build plans. I normally plan my training as I find training inefficient if it’s not used. My plans are somehow a bit different, and also varying depending on what I’m doing. Some things need more careful planning, and others I already started and have a pretty good idea how to continue.

I find it important to be flexible in planning, because you can never know what’s gonna happen. If something unexpected comes up you have to solve it then and there. That’s the way I do it anyway.

However, this was really interesting because Jo-Rosie talked about planning in transitions between behaviours to make a plan with a better overview. Then, for each transition, we plan criteria, reward placement and other things that’s needed.

We got to choose from 3 different, pretty complex, behaviours to write a plan for. I chose ”Dog balancing a treat on his nose, tossing it up in the air and catching it, all whilst sitting in a sit pretty position”

We only needed to plan a few transitions and practice the last one. I would say that this is a behaviour that needs to have several separate transitions:

1. Sit to balance treat on nose.
2. Balancing treat to catching treat in the air.
3. Sit to Sit pretty.

When these have been trained separately we can chain them together in new pairs for example:

– Sit pretty to balance treat on nose.
– Sit pretty to catch treat

Then put it all together:
– Sit pretty, whilst balancing treat on nose and catching it in the air.

Within these transitions you can then plan more precisely. So my last transition is Sit to Sit pretty.

In this case I don’t think it matters in which order you practice transition 1 and 2. But I chose no. 3 anyway.

My plan for this transition is:

  • Lure with treat from sitting position, above head so that front paws lift from the ground. 
  • Criteria: Butt on ground – front paws above ground.
  • Remove lure little by little. 
  • Duration: Feed several times if or when balance is good enough to do so.
  • Reward placement: Above head.
  • My placement: On ground in front of dog.
  • Cue: ”Kanin”. Added during movement, within transition between positions.


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