#30daysofcaninescience *Day 16*

On day 16 we get to try to record data concerning the rate of reinforcement. How many times do I reward in a certain time? I believe that this exercise is mostly to show how rewards are very different and need to be considered before starting a new task. When working on small details it is more efficient to use treats since you need to reinforce more often in that case. The different rewards also gives the dogs different feelings of appreciation and arousal. So that also needs to be taken into account. 

But it’s not only what rewards are used that you need to think about, but also how they are given, how you are placed or where you keep your treats, for example. Day 16 we got to try to see the difference in how often the dog managed to do a nose touch within a minute depending on how the environment changed. 

This was really supposed to be 1 minute sessions, but I ran out of treats, which took some time to get, so I chose to use the first 30 sek of each session instead. 

We were supposed to only change one thing in each trial. But I found it almost impossible, because it was always other things that changed as well. For example, I hadn’t planned for how to keep my hands, so my hand placement also changed. With Rusas session I couldn’t even use the data because it got all mixed up with other things. Anyway, here is Karma’s rate of reinforcement. What actually changed the rate the most was the placement of the treats. In the other sessions I had the treats in my hand so I could give them faster, but when I took them from the pot, I lost a lot of time. Even more time than when Karma had to get the treats I threw. 


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