#30daysofcaninescience *Day 11*

Day 11 covers catching natural behaviour. I chose to teach Karma to shake on command because she loves swimming and always shakes on us.

Just got through the first steps, but I did what I was supposed to, which was to arrange the environment so the behaviour was more likely to occur. I learnt a few years ago that most dogs shake if you pet them in the wrong direction. And it’s what happened. So I was able to catch what I wanted without having to get her wet. 

This is something I will continue with after the course has finished, it will be fun!

  • Pros

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  • Cons

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Catching behaviour

  • Fun and useful

    It can be something of a challenge, but if you keep it fun you can reach your goal.

  • Difficult

    Sometimes it can be difficult to arrange the environment in the right way to make the dog succeed. And especially managing to catch the behaviour enough times to cue it.

  • Shaping confusion?

    We've been taught to make sure that the shaping process has a beginning and end, but here it's like a shaping process but it has no beginning or end. Will this confuse the dog? Maybe a shaping-dog might take this as a cue to start a shaping session?


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