#30daysofcaninescience *Day 0*

Before the course starts on Sunday we got an assignment. It includes preparing for creating habits, being successful in learning and getting things done. 

To reach a goal is a much bigger chance of success if it’s shared with others. So the first thing we have to do is write down why we’re doing this, and what our goals are. 

For me taking dog courses are always about getting a bigger toolbox for training and understanding. To learn more about new research within the field is fantastic. It just proves to others what I knew in my heart all along. I spend most of my days with my dogs, and am always open to what they’re trying to communicate. We have a very close relationship and I notice how my dogs learn more and more of spoken language, and they really understand my intentions. They have so much more knowledge and understanding in their brains than we can even imagine. We just have to listen and be open to understanding them. up to 35 000 years together must have given us all the opportunities to communicate. Now we just have to do it!

My goals with this course is to make it through without being stressed or getting performance anxiety. I just wanna have fun without pressure. So if I don’t manage to make it every day, I have to accept that life is too much for me sometimes. I normally train several days a week which I feel is perfect for us. But this is a new challenge that might make me change my mind. 

So, off we go! On Sunday it all begins. 

Until then I will give you a video with something that I never consciously taught my dog. It’s a game that we invented together.

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